What started out as a post about my own situation on a Facebook group, has evolved into a website of it's own, donated from the kind people at one.com

Hearing the stories from the people in isolation or dealing with their own problems leading to loss of work or separation from family.

Being a freelance photographer and having all my work for the next few months cancelled within the space of a week, a post was made to ask for advice and offer my services for small amounts of payment or whatever people could afford.

Erik, who has become a focal figure for the idea to grow to prominence, contacted me to offer me a small job. Hearing that his family were stuck in Spain and his baby daughter had laughed for the first time recently and he wasn't there to see it, struck a chord with me.

An idea I had thought up just that morning, seemed more relevant to pursue now and with the comments and messages I received following a further post, In This Together was created.

The idea is to tell people's stories during these times. To go out safely and with all hygiene measures appropriately taken and capture images of these people and any other job they may need a photographer for. They can pay what they can afford or not at all. They stories will still be heard and documented.

The website is designed to showcase other local self employed and freelance workers, of whom have lost work during these times.

In This together, will be supporting local businesses in Malmö for now, but will look to promote businesses in your area as and when we expand. 

Finding ways to help other people in the same situation but create a support network for people concerned with what is going on right now, is paramount to success for the website, social media accounts and future aspirations for the project.

This is a support network to those that want to tell their stories or show the world that people working together can make tomorrow a safer and better prepared place, for all industries and humans.

Even after the Coronavirus pandemic, the hope is that the initiative will grow to become a group for people to be inspired by positivity in the community and give each one of you renewed hope for future aspirations. 

Thank you for visiting the website and I hope it can inspire others to create their own stories and make a better future for everyone.

In This Together.

Joe Miller (Founder/Creator - In This Together)


(+46) 0709 326883




In This Together

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